My name is Victor Harris, and I am a photographer based in Oklahoma City metro area. I specialize in headshots and performance images. My extensive experience in team and individual performance, which helps me relate to my clients from in and away from their respective performance arenas. 

I create versatile looks customized for each client’s specific needs by working closely with some of the best professionals in the area to provide a fun creative environment. Some of my clients include pageant contestants, corporate professionals, motivational speakers, models, actors, and musicians.

I enjoy showcasing my client's personality and story in every session. 

A Little More

  • I am from Haskell, Oklahoma.
  • I am a middle child, number three of four.
  • I started my photography journey in 2003 while working on my bachelor's degree at Langston University.
  • I became more interested in headshots when I started learning more ways to manipulate light.
  • I entered the pageant world in 2010 and adapted all of my training toward producing awesome images on stage and in photoshoots.

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