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A step-by-step tutorial showing my approach to an editorial self-portrait.

Since this was an editorial/cinematic portrait with a more dramatic finished look, I chose a three light initial setup, 

Portrait setup20150607_235848The setup

Next, I adjusted the lens height and angle

MESJ_001MESJ_001Set the lens angle

Test the key light. For this shoot, I utilized a 22" beauty dish with a grid


Add the second light as fill. I used a 24"x36" rectangular softbox with inner and outer diffusion panels as the second light to allow easier feathering on or off of the background.

MESJ_006MESJ_006Add second light as fill and feather on or off the background as necessary

Add the third light to fill the shadow between my ear and temple. I used a bare speedlight so I could make fine adjustments for power and spread of light. 

MESJ_007MESJ_007 MESJ_010MESJ_010 MESJ_013MESJ_013 MESJ_015MESJ_015 MESJ_018MESJ_018

I noticed glaring on the picture that was hanging on the wall, so I removed it. I also found that I preferred to face about 50 degrees away from the camera, which was enough to show my left eyebrow and possibly my left eye.

MESJ_021MESJ_021 MESJ_022MESJ_022

After the adjustments, I liked the two light setup better for the dramatic look. 


Here's the finished image with the light switch and sticker removed from the wall.

MESJ_023FinishedMESJ_023FinishedFinished dramatic self-portrait edited in Adobe Photoshop CS3


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